Art Consulting and Project Specific Commissions

Our goal is to connect life, interest, and personality to daily living and working spaces through exceptional art consultation, design, and placement. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, 

please contact us at the gallery.  


Delivery & Installation

Gallery One handles each project 

from start to finish.

 Delivery and Installation are available for 

every local project; corporate and residential, 

regardless of whether it’s one piece of artwork or several.

Not sure how a piece will look in your space? 

We’re happy to bring artwork out to your home 

so you can try before you buy!


Design Professionals

We welcome Interior Designers to view 

our collection online or visit our gallery showroom. 

Our relationship with designers enables us to proactively connect them with our dynamic artists and unique expressive art to offer a world of possibilities for their client. 


Event Hosting

At Gallery One, we create an exceptional environment for hosting business and organized events. By connecting people with beautiful expressions of art, we create a comfortable atmosphere for colorful conversations between friends and colleagues.